> Student Works-Portrait Drawing 4/06


PORTRAIT DRAWING: The Structure of the Head and Relationship of the Head to the Figure.
April 29 & 30, 2006

What a great, focused, enthusiastic group of folks I had to work with last weekend for this workshop studying the Human Head. There's nothing like drawing for six hours/day to cover a lot of ground as instructor--and watch the students progress in leaps and bounds. And this is exactly what happened this past weekend. It is a joy to be instructor with people like these.

You can see a selection of their Head Studies here--from studies of particular facial features, the whole head (skull, neck, shoulders and facial mask)--and then integrating the head with the figure in terms of line quality and resolution.

All work was made in charcoal on paper 24X36" in size--all heads relatively life-size.

Today, in the mail, I received a note from one of my students out of this class. It's a testimonial / review of the workshop and I'd like to share it here. (And thank you so much Ursula!)

"Barbara is a teacher that serious art students seek. She is organized, gives short educational demonstrations, and presentations of art history applicable to her class. She is encouraging, helpful, approachable and friendly. I would recommend her without reservation." Ursula Barril