> 2008 Guemes Workshop Students at Work


This is a photo album of the Sixth Annual Guemes Island "Painting the Figure in the Landscape" art workshop I lead in July 2008. I am so thrilled that this workshop continues to prosper, inspire, and bring together such wonderful folks. We all work hard, laugh hard, smile and create great ideas in paint. Many thanks to my students and our unmatched hosts, Patty and Tom. I'm looking forward to 2009 already! There's lots of photos here, take your time and enjoy. You'll see everyone at work on their canvases, our lovely model posing, having fun in the evenings together, and the student's work as well.

Remember, Plein Air Figure Painting is thought of as either, "Painting a Figure in a Landscape" or "Painting a Landscape With a Figure In It"!