> 2007 Workshop, Painting the Figure in Landscape


This is a photo album of my Students At Work on Guemes Island. The title for the workshop is PAINTING THE FIGURE IN THE LANDSCAPE where we explored various approaches of tackling the image of the model and the land. What is it, as artists, do we REALLY do? How do we translate so much information into a coherent composition of shapes and color? How do we use our brushes? How do we choose our color? These are a few of the questions I designed the workshop around...and every student jumped in and discovered answers through the act of painting from canvas to canvas. We painted a different composition each morning, followed by our "Horse and Rider" tableau in the afternoons.

Many Thanks to each of you who were a part of this year's "Plein Air Figure" Retreat. You're all fabulous & fun--and I'm looking forward to next year!