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30 September 2005



I am priveleged to have seen the show at the Siena College library-gallery and also to have met a number of the sitters at a fabulous post-opening bash at the Coohill estate. I cannot put into words how impressed I am with both the wonderful people involved in this project and of course, Barbara's glorious work!

The drawings look spectacular in their new home - they were designed to fit that space so beautifully - and I really hope the college has the sense to purchase the entire collection to show the world how progressive its vision is, and how supportive it is of the arts. Barbara has created a collective masterpiece over the last year; imagine the public's improved view of the college if the collection was purchased as a whole!

Barbara - your personal vision is so apparent when one witnesses your work in person, as a collection, as a whole. As Pat Trutty-Coohill and I were saying, the more you look at each fantastically-executed piece, the more mesmerizing and breathtaking they become.

Superb work, visionary project, superbly brought to life over the last year. You've pulled off a sort of miracle here, I believe, Ms. Fugate!

Kudos to all those who sat for Barbara, too. Modeling is no easy job, although Barbara makes it much easier by supplying her models with almonds, olives, fruit, cheese, and the occasional naughty cookie. :)

If you haven't seen the show, may I recommend you drop whatever you're doing right now and high-tail it to Siena College in Albany, New York. This is too important to miss.

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